Destination America Party July 4th

news image 1Wow, what a great time playing the Destination America 4th of July Party in our hometowm of Prescott Arizona. Opening for the Wallflowers was great! Attendance was over 15,000 people! Free Hot Dogs, Free Deep Fried Master, and a huge fireworks show!




news image 2Well 2015 is nearing its end but lots left in store for 5 in the Wheel band as we continue to play the Eagles Nest at the Prescott Resort. We closed the season alst weekend for the Prescott Valley Amphitheater which is one of our favorite venues and a shout out to all who came out and made it a wonderful evening. We will soon be at Sidekicks in Prescott Valley  October 16th, which is new and has a huge dance floor for our dancers! We will be playing for the Barn Dance at Mortimers Farms on October 24th and ending the month on the 30th and Halloween night at the Bird Cage on our own famous Whiskey Row!  Also make your plans now for the New Years bash at the Eagles Nest in the Prescott Resort. It was fun last year watching it snow and this year it will be the biggest party in town!